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Dr. Ira Wiggins, Former Director of Jazz Studies at NCCU (30+ years)

"Dexter is a stellar musician who is wise beyond his years. Not only does he have an appreciation of the history of jazz, but it comes through in his performance on various levels. Additionally, he possesses the discipline, work ethic and thirst for knowledge which fosters continual creativity and growth as a first rate artist."

Richmond Jazz Society, Inc.

"We placed Dexter in a professional big band setting and watched his skill progress...Soon his leadership ability in the small ensemble setting also became apparent...Dexter exhibits an eagerness to learn from his teachers and seasoned performers. Conversely, he shares his knowledge generously with his bandmates and contemporaries."

Billy Williams, Drums (Warren Wolf, Larry Willis, etc.)

"Dexter Moses is a fantastic young musician. A deep player that understands the importance of studying the history of the music, while not being bound by it. I'm excited to see where he takes the music and where the music takes him. He's the future!"

Thomas Taylor, Percussion and Jazz Studies Professor at NCCU

"Dexter Moses should be someone you keep an eye and ear out for on the local, national, and international music scene...His consistent growth with tone, melodic ideas, and musical patience belies his actual age.  His commitment to swing sounds like he was born with a horn."

Michael Hawkins, Bass (Cyrus Chestnut, Michael Hawkins and the Brotherhood, etc.)

"Dexter plays every note with energy and passion. He posesses enthusiasm that is infectious to everyone listening to his brilliant tone."

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